Studying CRES was a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge on not only environmental issues but also investigate what the Bible says about looking after the planet. I was interested in the course having studied Geography at University and wanted a more theological insight into environmental issues. There was a brilliant range of subjects to study  and I felt I learnt a huge amount. I also thoroughly enjoyed the CRES day conferences and residential where I got the opportunity to learn about current issues whilst meeting and being encouraged by like minded people who soon felt like family. There was also a fantastic range of speakers who taught on a range of fascinating topics. 

One of the best parts of the course was the food and farming module where I got to learn all about farming practices in Biblical times compared to present day. I was also able to explore hot topics in the module such as food miles and food wastage and was very inspired to put into practice what I had learnt. One of the most fruitful parts of the course was my second year project where I was able to revisit my undergraduate thesis three years on to understand whether Christians in my area saw climate change as relevant to their faith. 

Studying with CRES was also instrumental in helping my church reach its silver Eco Church award along with providing fantastic networking opportunities where I have been able to speak at churches across the south west and encourage them to become part of the scheme. I would highly recommend the CRES course to anyone who has a love and passion for the environment along with theology, the course is completely one of a kind and you will only come away feeling built up and enthused to make a difference.