I am Priest-in-Charge of a parish in the Diocese of Canterbury.  I am also a doctoral research student (Professional Doctorate of Practical Theology) at Anglia Ruskin University/Cambridge Theological Federation.  I am currently researching Theological Action Research as a possible way of practically engaging church communities in the matters of climate change and the Anthropocene.  The CRES course with its ample list of resources accompanying each course, has provided me with a wealth of knowledge in these areas. I found the course well structured with someone always at hand to answer my questions.  The residential weekends were particularly informative and an opportunity to connect with lecturers and peers.  Combining a diary with the more formal essay writing provided variety and breath to the studies. One of the best aspects of the course was having a local Tutor.  She was a source of encouragement to me and a driving force in ensuring that I completed the course in a timely manner.  Given my research, I enjoyed The Physical Environment course the most and valued the inclusion of the biblical perspective.