I was born and brought up in a small farm owned by my dad in Manipur, North East India. I enjoyed wondering around the farm and helping out my parents in day to day activities as necessary. Since then, I developed a love for the natural environment. Although, I was raised in a Christian family I didn’t see any connection between my Christian faith and caring for the natural world, nor did I hear anyone preaching about the subject in our local churches. All I knew was picking fresh fruits and enjoying the peaceful setting of my dad’s farm. It was only after my graduation that I start thinking the connection between my faith and the natural world; partly it was due to some journals and books that I had come across. Having said that, honestly, I never took it seriously until God led me to become a CMS (Church Mission Society) mission partners seconded to A Rocha UK. To my surprise, when I was seriously in need of more in depth knowledge about the biblical teaching on creation care I had the privileged of taking up a CRES certificate course. I’m pleased that it was exactly the thing that I wanted to do since I joined A Rocha UK. I sort of feel, I finally found a pathway where I could marry up my secular degree and my Christian faith. In fact, the course offered me a space for reflection, and taught me how I should be living as a Christian in service to God and others. My science degree actually is a good medium to live out my faith practically. Moreover, the course provided me not just the biblical insights and taught me about creation care but also helped re-shape my thinking. I have broadened the way I see gospel, for which I am truly grateful to JRI members who developed and run the course.